7-9 May 2020, BITEC, Bangkok

On the horizon, the road to World's agriculture industry in 2020?

300 Exhibitors

from 29 countries

& Conference Delegates

10,677 Trade Participants

More than 300 Leading Buyers

from 30 Asia-Pacific countries

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More than 1,000 Thai farmers participated

People, Technology, Innovations.

The trade fair for agricultural machinery!

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Special Exhibition and Co-Location

The Second edition of AGRITECHNICA ASIA, the world’s largest trade fair for agricultural machinery and equipment, is once again ready to be the agricultural exhibition that covers all of Asia by focusing on Asia’s largest agricultural buyers from across the region.

AGRITECHNICA ASIA emphasize on agricultural engineering solutions that are both relevant and important to the development of agriculture in the Asian markets. Mechanization through modern machinery will increase significantly in the next decade mainly due to the growing labor shortages, more competition and therefore the requirement to reduce production costs.

Under the terms of the joint venture, the DLG – German Agricultural Society, organizer of AGRITECHNICA in Hanover, Germany, and Dutch-Thai exhibition organizer VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific, organizer of VIV Asia and Horti Asia in Bangkok, will collaborate to establish one of the most powerful joint ventures in the agricultural exhibition industry.

The Second edition of AGRITECHNICA ASIA will be held from 22-24 August 2018 at BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand, in conjunction with Horti Asia, the region’s largest trade exhibition for Horticulture in Asia.

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Number of Trade Visitors


From 28 Countries


Hosted Buyers


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Exhibitor Profile

  • Cultivating, Plough, Tillage
  • Irrigation and Drainage Systems
  • Harvesting, Lifting, Chopping, Mowing
  • Tractors
  • Fruit, Vegetable and Other Growing Crop
  • Conveying, Grading, Sorting
  • Preservation and Storage, Cooling, Drying
  • Silos,Mills
  • Measuring and Weighing Equipment For Plant Production

Visitor Profile

  • Professional farmers and farm owners
  • Agriculturists and agronomists
  • Producers
  • Leading Suppliers
  • Integrated large scale companies
  • Millers, processors
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors, dealers
  • Traders, exporters, importer
  • Wholesalers and retailers
  • International Experts
  • Investors
  • Engineers and Technicians
  • Researchers and Project Managers
  • Government Representatives
  • Decision Makers

Asia is very important part of the global food supply chain with vast land and rich natural resources. Agriculture plays very important role in Asian economy. The world top brand agricultural companies stand out in the region.”

Wang Guimin
Wang GuiminChairman of Board, LOVOL

“We decided to participate as a launch partner at the first AGRITECHNICA ASIA in Bangkok, aware of the strategic importance and the considerable growth of the Asian market in recent years.”

Mirco Maschio
Mirco MaschioPresident, Maschio Gaspardo Group

We consider Asia-Pacific as one of our key growth regions. The steep rise in dairy consumption is leading to an upswing in mechanization.”

Heinz Pöttinger
Heinz PöttingerSenior Managing Director, PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH

“Combining Western technology with Asian demand for agricultural solutions, makes AGRITECHNICA ASIA the industry platform for the future and Agriculture and Asia will go hand in hand. AGRITECHNICA ASIA will play a vital role in bringing governments, suppliers, and farmers together.”

Axel Wildner
Axel WildnerCounsellor for Food and Agriculture, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Bangkok

“Being a launch partner of this new show offers my company a perfect platform to present its products to customers and partners from the key countries of the important Asian markets.”

Josef Fliegl
Josef FlieglPresident Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH

“For much of the world’s Agriculture, the assumption of ‘Conservation Agriculture’ techniques is a must if the world food supply is to be both sustainable and adequate to future needs. A part of good ‘Conservation Agriculture’ is true precision…and to achieve true precision requires the use of modern tools. AGRITECHNICA ASIA helps with the identification and sourcing of such tools.”

Randolph Fleming
Randolph FlemingVice President DOLE Philippines Inc.

“For us AGRITECHNICA ASIA was a good show and a place to meet old and new business partners. We hope for similar results at next year’s edition.”

Sebastian Smija
Sebastian SmijaFliegl

“We were very pleased to participate in the inaugural Agritechnica-Asia. It was a great opportunity to bring end-users, manufacturers and potential suppliers from the Asian region together at one venue. The further success of the event will help to support the development of the region itself.”

T.C. Truesdell
T.C. TruesdellDirector, Global Marketing Communications, PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH

“Maschio Gaspardo with its state-of –art-manufacturing plants in India & China is focused not only in the production and sales of agricultural machinery, but also to play an important role in the enhancement of agriculture mechanization in Asia. With a great vision we have invested in Asia more than 10 years ago, to be present in the this fast growing market. Maschio aim is to support Farmers with latest technology implements for saving time and labor cost and help to increase yields. For the first edition of AGRITECHNICA Asia we participated as launch partner aware of the strategic importance and growth of Asian market. We had a good feedback from South East Asia customers which aim is to buy our products knowing the quality and reliability of the same. The show was a very good set up for meeting farmers, dealers and how to them latest implement technology.

Alessio RIULINIBranch Director China-India & Sales Director Asia, MASCHIO-GASPARDO CHINA

“LOVOL’s dedication is to support Ag farmers to perform better and better. AGRITECHNICA Asia is a hub location and event to gather our buyers and dealers from Asia and Pacific region, and further strengthened our cooperation with regional banks and partners.”

Zhu Qiang
Zhu QiangLOVOL brand manager

“I am truly positively surprised that on the second and third days of the trade fair in particular we received not only many inquiries but many very concrete and serious inquiries,” summarizes Klaus Ferk, Bauer Sales Director for Asia, Australia and New Zealand, with satisfaction. “The percentage of non-Thai visitors was also surprisingly high. From countries like Vietnam, China, the Philippines and Indonesia in particular, we received a great many inquiries, sometimes with very concrete numbers.”

Klaus Ferk
Klaus FerkSales Direction Asia, Australia and New Zealand

“There’s a lot of activity in the agricultural industry throughout the Asian region, especially in Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and of course Thailand, with its very diverse market which was a key driver for AGCO to be part of AGRITECHNICA ASIA. We took this opportunity to showcase our latest products and meet new customers. We’re keen to tap into key accounts while maintaining the partnerships with existing accounts, as we continue to work and develop solutions for the agricultural needs as the development in Asia grows and more cooperate farming establish themselves in the region. The exhibition has great potential to grow giving an ideal opportunity to showcase our products.”

Alex Baker
Alex BakerRegional Manager – Asia/Far East Operations, AGCO Holdings (Singapore) Pte. Limited

AGRITECHNICA ASIA was a promising start in the right direction to establish a platform for western manufacturers to present advanced agricultural machinery in a professional context. It is of high strategic importance for western manufacturers to participate in the rapid growth of the agricultural market in South East Asia. CLAAS is committed to deliver efficient harvest and farming technologies to the growing demand of professional farms in SEA. The CLAAS Regional Center South East Asia is supporting this strategy by providing first hand expertise and service to our customers in the region.”

Benjamin Suchinda Punyaratabandhu Bhakdi
Benjamin Suchinda Punyaratabandhu BhakdiRegional Director, CLAAS Regional Center South East Asia Ltd.

“Alltech showcased “The KEENAN MechFiber320”; one of the most popular models in the KEENAN rage, for the first time in Asia Pacific at AGRITECHNICA ASIA 2017, held at Bangkok Thailand. We received hundreds of queries during the show and was able to follow up with the lead acquired for potential businesses in the near future.”

Lim Chun Keat
Lim Chun KeatGlobal Mineral Management Marketing Manager, Alltech Thailand

“As Minos Agri we are aware of the strategic importance and growing speed of the Asian market. According to this knowledge, we are participating as premium partner for this remarkable show to welcome great opportunities in Asia.”

Mehmet TURKAYVice President of Minos Agri

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