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Thematic Forum Program

22 August 2018
10.30-11.30              Topic: Plant Protection

                                   “Improving efficiency of chemical pest control”

11.30-12.30              Topic: Soil Preparation

                                   “Soil preparation as basis for successful crop management”

12.30-13.30              Best Practice:

                                  Thai, Myanmar and Vietnamese farmer presenting on regional conditions of crop management

13.30-14.30              Topic: Irrigation

                                   “Getting more from less. Management of a limited resource”

 14.30-15.30             Presentation of the Young Smart Farmers from DLG (German Agricultural Society)
15.30-16.30              Presentation: Machinery Rings – a chance for joint technical progress
16.30- 17.00             Topic: System & Components

                                   “Maintenance is crucial for reliable machinery”

23 August 2018
10.30-11.30              Topic: Sowing

                                   “Sowing density and seed distribution as corner stone for efficient crop growth”

11.30-12.30              Topic: Irrigation

                                   “Water distribution and management”

12.30-13.30              Topic: Systems & Components

                                  “The line between do-it-yourself or let-it-done”

13.30-14.00              Presentation: Testing of Agricultural Machinery, DLG
14.00-16.00              Panel Discussion by ReCAMA members
16.30- 17.00              Presentation: Machinery Rings – concept and implementation

                                   “One for all, all for one – success through joint machinery use”

24 August 2018
10.30-11.30              Topic: Plant protection

                                   “Timing and application in modern pest management”

11.30-12.30              Topic: Soil preparation

                                   “Locally adapted soil management”

12.30-13.30              Best Practice:

                                  Thai, Myanmar and Vietnamese farmer presenting on regional conditions of crop management

13.30-14.30             Topic: Seeding

                                   “Seeding as key for successful crop management”

14.30-15.30              Topic: Seeding

                                   “Efficient water management – ways for saving water”

Thematic Forum

We are expecting a large number of visitors from all corners of Asia-Pacific for AGRITECHNICA ASIA 2018, who will be seeking information about the latest developments in agricultural machinery and equipment. Alongside the many displays and presentations on exhibitors‘ stands, we aim to offer visitors a wide range of expert forums discussing topical, relevant and also international subjects.

Within the DLG Forum we would like to address and discuss aspects of practical relevance from the fields of agriculture, development and plant production. With your assistance we are gathering topics, questions and subject matter from the international stage too that we can present with suitable speakers and discuss with the public at AGRITECHNICA ASIA.

In the Forum companies may organize a 50 minute forum by themselves. Forum spots are billed at USD 400.- plus value added tax (VAT). To make a binding booking, please use the registration form. The main topics will be i.a.: crop management, tillage, marketing and consulting. For further information please contact Dr. Klaus Erdle, K.Erdle(at)dlg.org.

Special Show “Maintenance” powered by Systems & Components Asia

Together with the collaboration of partner companies and associations, Systems & Components Asia is presenting a special show touching on every aspect of maintenance operations, from the basics to the most advanced techniques.

190 sqm will be divided in two areas, one dedicated to “Smart and Predictive Maintenance” where companies can showcase their innovative products in hydraulics, transmissions, engines, cabins and HMI. The other area will highlight “Basic Maintenance”, with live demonstrations and equipment workshops regarding cardan shafts, gearbox sealing, tractor maintenance and tires.

4th ReCAMA Member Meeting

DLG International and VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific are happy to welcome the 4th Annual Member Meeting of ReCAMA, Regional Council of Agricultural Machinery Associations in Asia and the Pacific, at AGRITECHNICA ASIA 2018.

Conference Program 2017

Grand Hall 202
AGRITECHNICA ASIA Conference Program
Date Time Topic Organizer
– Speaker
Grand Hall 202
CLAAS Technical Program
15 Mar
13.00-13.30 CLAAS Opening remark

-Dr. Jens Oeding is Regional President Asia with CLAAS.

It´s all about the cow -where silage quality starts. -Mr. Jörg Wesselmann -Product Manager Self Propelled Forage Harvester, CLAAS Global Sales -Germany
Precision Farming (one of the topic of Intelligent Technology for Sustainable Agriculture-CLAAS Machines). Mr. Benjamin Suchinda Punyaratabandhu Bhakdi, Regional Director of the CLAAS Global Sales GmbH
How technology help you make your farm profitable? Samuele Pecorari from Alpego, Italy.
Rice Seminar
16 Mar
10:00-17:00 Can mechanization bridge the way to sustainable rice production?

Precision application of fertilizer in rice

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Rice Crop Manager providing field-specific crop and nutrient management for increased yield and income

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International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)

Better Rice Initiative Asia (BRIA)

German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation (GIZ)


Welcoming Representative of Thai Rice Department
10:00-10:20 Key note: The need to mechanize rice production

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– Dr. Bas Bouman, Director of RICE
1. Crop establishment
10:30-10:50 a. Laser leveling in small scale rice production – benefits from advanced technologies for resource poor farmers.

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– Caling Balingbing, Senior Associate Scientist, Agricultural Engineering, IRRI Philippines
10:50-11:10 b. Crop establishment – achievements in technology – Dr. James Quilty, Head Zeigler Experiment Station and Agronomist, IRRI Philippines
2. Climate change and Water saving
11:15-11:35 a. Rice and climate change – challenges in regions of Southeast Asia

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– Dr. Ole Sanders, Scientist, IRRI, Philippines
11:35-11:55 b. ICT tools to accelerate the adoption of water saving technologies

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– Dr. Sudhir Yadhav, Scientist, IRRI, Philippines
3. Crop management
12:00-12:20 a. The sustainable Rice Platform – Transforming the Rice Value Chain through engaging with the private sector

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Dr. Bas Bouman, RICE Director
12:20-12:40 b. Rice crop manager and precision application of nutrients

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Dr. Sudhir Yadhav, Scientist IRRI Philippines and Helmuth Lehner, Lehner GmbH
12:40-13:00     c. The fight against pests and insects – strategies in crop protection Dr. Thomas Jaekel, Chief Technical Advisor, ASEAN Sustainable Agrifood Systems (SAS)
13:00-13:45 Break
4. Harvest and yield
13:50-14:10 a. Mechanization of rice harvest – lessons learned

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– Martin Gummert, Senior Scientist, IRRI Philippines
14:10-14:30 b. Preventing straw burning in the field – options for sustainable rice straw management

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– Dr. Nguyen Van Hung, Project Scientist, IRRI Philippines
5. Keeping the markets benefit
14:30-14:50 a. Enduring Rice Quality during Storage

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– Mr. Ralph Kolb, CEO FrigorTec
14:50-15:10 Small Coffee Break
15:30-15:50 b. Embodying and Internalizing Sustainability Standards in Rice Value Chains

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– Dr. Matty Demont, Senior Economist, IRRI Philippines
16:00-17:00 6. Discussion
Panel Discussion on Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization & Presentation of ReCAMA Research Paper
17 Mar
13:30-14:00 Opening Ceremony
Welcome Address:
– Mr. Axel Wildner, Counsellor for Food & Agriculture, Embassy of Germany in Thailand
Opening Remarks:

– Mr. Stefanos Fotiou, Director, Environment and Development Division, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
– Ms. Li Yutong, Head, Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization (CSAM), United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
– Ms. Waraporn Prompoj, Deputy Director General, Department of Agriculture, Thailand

14:00-14:15 Group Photo
14:15-15:45 Panel 1 – Importance of Partnerships and Coordinated Regional Actions for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization in Asia and the Pacific

Moderator: Mr. Klaus Erdle, Head, International Crop Production Center, German Agriculture Society (DLG, Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft)

Keynote Presentation
– Enabling Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization Development in Asia and the Pacific through Regional Coordination and Standardization
– Mr. Anshuman Varma, Programme Officer, CSAM
Panel Discussion:
– What are some of the important regional or cross-border challenges that need to be addressed for sustainable agricultural mechanization in Asia and the Pacific?
– What are the potential collaborative regional actions to be pursued for addressing the challenges?
– How can regional institutions like CSAM further contribute to partnerships and coordinated regional actions?
Dr. Saruth Chan,
Dr. Surendra Singh,
Mr. Madhusudan Singh Basnyat,
Mr. Rohan Wijekoon,
Ms. Dinh Thi Tam
15:45-16:00 Tea Break
16:00-17:30 Panel 2 – Promoting Healthy and Prosperous Trade and Investment of Agricultural Machinery for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization in Asia and the Pacific Moderator:
Dr. Watcharapol Chayaprasert, Head, Department of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University
Keynote Presentation:
– Findings of the ReCAMA Paper on Trade and Investment Policies of Agricultural Machinery in Selected Countries
– Mr. Lasantha Wickremesooriya, Lead Expert; Vice-President, Sri Lanka Agriculture Machinery Manufacturers and Suppliers Association
Panel Discussion:
– What are some of the important national level challenges that need to be addressed in your country?
– How can these challenges be overcome and what should be the role of governments, private sector and other stakeholders?
– How can trade in agricultural machinery better respond to the needs and demands of marginal and resource-poor farmers who make up the bulk of the farming community in the Asia-Pacific region?
– Dr. Sultan Ahmmed,
– Dr. Astu Unadi,
– Mr. Munir Ahmad,
– Mr. Lasantha Wickremesooriya,
– Ms. Dares Kittiyopas
17:30-18:00 Wrap up and Conclusion – Mr. Anshuman Varma
– Mr. Klaus Erdle

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