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Silvan Australia Pty Ltd – Redlink Sprayer

Silvan Australia Pty Ltd   Redlink Sprayer The Silvan Redlink is a tractor mounted sprayer designed for pest and weed control in dairy, pasture, rice and vegetable applications. It has a 400 litre tank capacity with a 6 metre galvanised boom. The sprayer is completed with a 30 metre hose reel and spray gun for […]

Samart Kaset – Yon Ltd. Part. –

Samart Kaset – Yon Ltd. Part.   1. Sm-200 (Super Speed) Sm-200 (Super Speed) is answer for many contractors and plantation owners who needs a machine straight to sugar cane field and onto road with 55 kph. Super speed is self- transporting, self unloading and provides a cutting with multiple wheel configuration.     2. […]

Monosem – NG Plus 4

Monosem   NG Plus 4 MONOSEM has a wide range of precision planters. The NG Plus 4 is a pneumatic planter with discs for Maize, Peanuts, Sunflower, Rapeseed, Beans, Soyabeans, Sorghum,…; Usable on conventional or low-till preparation, with number of rows from 1 to 18 rows.   Visit Monosem: www.monosem.com

Maschio Gaspardo – PADDY & PITAGORA

Maschio Gaspardo   1. PADDY PADDY is a rotary tiller suitable to prepare the rice field for the transplanting. The combination of light weight, side gear transmission, amphibious rotor hub and sturdy frame guarantee high working efficiency and no tractor sinking risk in the muddy field.     2. PITAGORA PITAGORA is the new square […]