Samart Kaset – Yon Ltd. Part. –

Samart Kaset – Yon Ltd. Part.


1. Sm-200 (Super Speed)

Sm-200 (Super Speed) is answer for many contractors and plantation owners who needs a machine straight to sugar cane field and onto road with 55 kph. Super speed is self- transporting, self unloading and provides a cutting with multiple wheel configuration.




2. Sugar cane Loader (Sm-97)

Sugar cane loader (SM-97) is best design front sugar cane loader with strong frame and advance hydraulics system. With capacity of 70 kg -1000 kg per grab. With fastest movement in filed will helps farmer to achieve highest output every day.


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Orec Co., Ltd. – Rabbit Mower RM & Riding offset mower RMK151

Orec Co., Ltd.


1. Rabbit Mower RM

This machine is used for weeding in orchards, park management, etc. this is especially pleased by organic farmers.



2. Riding offset mower RMK151

Easy turning with light handle operation, clearing the tree and trunk area.


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Monosem – NG Plus 4



NG Plus 4

MONOSEM has a wide range of precision planters. The NG Plus 4 is a pneumatic planter with discs for Maize, Peanuts, Sunflower, Rapeseed, Beans, Soyabeans, Sorghum,…; Usable on conventional or low-till preparation, with number of rows from 1 to 18 rows.


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Matsui Walterscheid Ltd. – PTO Drive shaft & Journal Cross

Matsui Walterscheid Ltd.


1. PTO Drive shaft

PTO drive shaft is a power transmission device. Generally, it drives the implement machines by connecting between PTO shaft of tractor and PIC shaft. Standard type with safety guard, wide angle CV type and others, big size PTO drive shaft by Walterscheid, Germany and other major products are displayed.



2. Journal Cross

This is newly improved. It has higher durability as twice as our conventional product.


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Maschio Gaspardo – PADDY & PITAGORA

Maschio Gaspardo



PADDY is a rotary tiller suitable to prepare the rice field for the transplanting. The combination of light weight, side gear transmission, amphibious rotor hub and sturdy frame guarantee high working efficiency and no tractor sinking risk in the muddy field.




PITAGORA is the new square baler of Maschio available with large pick-up of 179 cm. It is possible to adjust the bales lenght from 30 to 135 cm. The bale size is 36*46 cm. In good working condition the productivity could be up to 2500 bales per day.


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Maschinenfabrik Bernard KRONE GmbH & Co. KG – KRONE BiG Pack & KRONE BiG X

Maschinenfabrik Bernard KRONE GmbH & Co. KG

The 1st Time Launch in Asia


1. KRONE BiG Pack

KRONE Large square baler BiG Pack. Quality made in Germany. The specialist on baling e. g. sugar cane leaves. BiG Pack HDP up to 25% higher bale weight.




KRONE self-proppelled forage harvester BiG X. Designed for best chopping quality. Made in Germany up to 1180 hp.


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The PROFILE 6.1 DS is designed to provide mixed rations for all types of farms. Ease of use, compact-size and standard electronic weighing system are the three key features of these machines. Also with the possibility for left and right hand side distribution and a low overall height.


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Jakob Eschbach GmbH – Hilcodur Agri & Hilcodur Agri PU

Jakob Eschbach GmbH

The 1st Time Launch in Asia


1. Hilcodur Agri

Supply hose for highest demands – Reinforced outside rubber lining – Excellent abrasion resistance due to longitudinal ribs – Available in lengths up to 200m



2. Hilcodur Agri PU

Polyurethan inside and outside provides very high abrasion resistance – First choice as drag hose for slurry distribution or supply hose in tough terrain – Standard lengths 100m, 200m, 300m – further lengths on request


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Hokkaido Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Association – Sweet corn harvester TS10F & CORN TORUKAWA NE-DO

Hokkaido Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Association


1. Sweet corn harvester TS10F

Self propelled fresh sweet corn plucking harvester. You can harvest fresh sweet corn with no damage like plucked softly by hand.




Automatic fresh corn husk remover


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Gessner – Gessner Junior Billet Planter & Gessner Junior Side Dresser



1. Gessner Junior Billet Planter

A sugarcane billet planter that is meticulously designed to provide a very efficient and reliable planting solution. Heavy duty frame, fixed front wheels with manual depth control, 750kg billet capacity, 725mm wide conveyor with steel flights and ground drive.



2. Gessner Junior Side Dresser

A side dresser that will allow reliable fertilising of early crops. Heavy 9.5mm frame, CAT 2-3 linkage, 760mm front coulter with optional fertiliser applicator tyne or twin disc opener. 500kg stainless steel bins, rear platform, hydraulic drive and canvas rain covers.


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